Wednesday, 28 December 2016


Humans are given 5 senses – Sight, Smell, Sound, Touch and Taste. The capability of every modern machine is defined by its processing power, memory capacity and the sensors built to perceive other things. Similarly, a human is also able to perceive this universe using these five senses and can only understand to an extent these 5 senses can perceive.
Lately, humanity is relying more on machines and computers with deferent sensors to not only accomplish daily tasks but to gather a better understanding of things. This is where they think they will be, one day, unlock the mysteries of the time and the universe. And, this is where they are WRONG. They can be RIGHT, however, given their only reliance on science and machine is WRONG. They will never be able to find out every-thing if they do not realize what is the RIGHT way and they are so steered away from the right path that none other than a miracle will take them back on the RIGHT way. But then, everything from the big bang to Ram, Krishna, Jesus and Mohamad has been a miracle that has happened some time or the other…right!?

This is the tale of one such miracle which will secretly decide the fate of this planet. It will decide the fate of humanity. It will decide the fate of good vs evil. No, it did not come in form of a god or a messenger. It came in form of a human child – who has everything but has nothing!

The Hidden War

Jake wakes up in sweat as if he encountered the devil himself. His heartbeat was as fast as a bullet train and he was sweating like a live chicken put in the oven for roasting. He has had these nightmares for 12 years now, but, they are getting vivid day by day. He has been a regular to the psychiatric for quite some time and no medicine seems to be effective. The good part is he does not remember much about the dream after some time has passed.

‘So, you are still having these nightmares? Are you really taking the medicines on time?’ said Dr. Walter. ‘Yes, I am! I am troubled by these dreams since I was 14. I came to you, I am still coming to you…so do you think I am an idiot that I will still come to you without taking your pills?’ said Jake. ‘Hey why are you so angry, it was just a question? And I am asking because do you have any idea on the dose that you are taking? It can make a horse lie down and sleep!’ Walter said sarcastically. He continued ‘Look, I have been your friend for as many years you have had these nightmares…I know you better than anyone’. (Walter was Jake’s childhood friend and they went to the same school and high school). ‘So, what are you coming at? Are you saying I am going insane?’ – Jake. ‘How can you go insane, you don’t even remember the dreams and you call them nightmares. I am just saying…’ – Walter. Jake interrupts him ‘I know what you are saying…you have said it many times. Where do I find one’? ‘So, you have finally decided!’ Walter replied, although, as happy as he was that Jake finally accepted he kind of understood the pain Jake was in otherwise he would have never asked for one. ‘You can find him here…’ Walter hands over an address written on a piece of paper but warns ‘Don’t judge him in minutes. He knows what he is taking about and if you take my advise seriously, do as he says without asking too many questions

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